shes a baking fan shes a shy person

shes the sister of cake cream

her fav color is red

shes a cool kid

black hair

shes a lot like lizzie hearts

likes: love

hates: her sister cake cream

destiny: evil princess

she loves her destiny

shes always complaining about her sister

her first appearence is in the first episode harmony s day shes a great sport and always wins but shes a bit of sometimes evil but she dosent want that . shes the perfect perso n to talk to about love . cause shes always the best sister and more popular than her sister but she is always competing with harmony. shes her rival. she wants to beat her so she could have the glory and that can change her destiny into evilest princess thats why harmony never lets her win . cup cakes out fits have hearts on them and red color and flowers aven her room has flowers .her birth day is on 12- may

Cup cake